Creditplace selects invoices from excellent companies, providing them with the working capital they need to operate and grow. After a brief and smart underwriting process, businesses can get their financing, quickly and competitively.

Creditplace provides the necessary capital for businesses from a variety of sources, including leading financial institutions. At the same time, Creditplace operates an advanced P2P platform to raise short-term credit from a wide range of investors.

All Creditplace transactions are covered by credit insurance.


Who does it fit?

Creditplace works with suppliers of leading organizations in the economy, which pay them over the course of 30, 45, 60 or more.

How does It Work?

We check the company and its business relationship, making sure that your invoices are paid.
After completing the one-time underwriting process, you can submit your invoices and receive instant funding, after deduction of a commission.
No impact on your payment terms, your customer pays directly to Creditplace when the invoice is due.


Creditplace allows small and large investors to invest in invoices. In other words, buy the short-term debts of the leading companies and enjoy a guaranteed yield.
Creditplace’s advanced platform enables online investing in short-term debt from the most stable companies, at a much higher interest rate than other sectors. All your investments in Creditplace are insured.
Added to the initial investment, investors realize their gains when the debtor company pays the invoice.
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