After a one-time review, Creditplace pays approved invoices as soon as you need the money. Thus, businesses could avoid entering the difficult, tedious and expensive process with traditional actor to access the working capital they need.
Creditplace gives you the freedom to anticipate your cash-flow with no strings attached.

Who does it fit?

Creditplace works with suppliers of leading organizations in the economy, which pay them over the course of 30, 45, 60 or more.

How does It Work?

We check the company and its business relationship, making sure that your invoices are paid.
After completing the one-time underwriting process, you can submit your invoices and receive instant funding, after deduction of a commission.
No impact on your payment terms, your customer pays directly to Creditplace when the invoice is due.
Belgium office: Avenue Louise 54,
1050 Bruxelles, Belgium

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* Investors ability to participate in the marketplace is coming soon. Currently the platform is closed to home investors only.

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